Green Shoe Studio

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today, the team had a very special meeting. We traveled over to Bartonville to visit with Fred, a 96 year old man who entered our Singer Songwriter Contest. 
Fred was born in 1917!
Doesn't he look amazing?
His entry was very unique---a manilla envelope mailed to our Studio with a letter and a page of lyrics inside.

He only wrote 2 songs in his life, one about Branson, Missouri & the other about his unending love for his wife, Lorraine. 

Sadly, Lorraine passed away about 6 weeks ago. 
They were married for 72 years
His song explained his true desire to live each day of those 72 years over again.

Special thanks to our intern, Mike for taking today's photos

This is the end of the blog post, but not the end of the story for Fred & Green Shoe Studio...Look forward to some wonderful surprises that combine our Studio's talents and Fred & Lorraine's beautiful love story! 

-The Green Shoe Crew


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  2. My partner and I have written some love songs that really touch the heart but Fred's song and personal story is a GEM!! This is the most sincere, warm, beautiful story about music I've ever seen. Thank you! :)

  3. I saw the video of the results and just plain turned into a puddle! So wonderful. You all rock for doing this for Fred.